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The Universe – ከአለማችን ውጪ

A look at the world, the stars and everything beyond. Science has allowed us to look at the world like no other time in human history. The universe is a show looking at the world and from the smallest bacteria to stars outside our world, exposing great innovations changing the way that we live life and developments in our understanding of the natural world. If it is happening in the universe and the world is talking about it, we will bring it to our viewers.

We will take you beyond the world and in to our universe, it is our world and we are learning much about the stars and beyond. It is our responsibility to bring the ever-changing universe. If it is happening in our world and impacting humanity we will be bringing it to you as the news happens. We utilize modern technology to keep you up to date and current. We are on social media so you can keep in touch and share daily news as it happens.

 “Science makes our world possible, we give you new information, s you can witness change as it happens”.

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