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Business – ንግድ እና ገበያ

Business Talk is everyday business chat shows take on a verity of business sectors and world financial sectors. Business talk hosts and contributor will interview with business professionals and industry news of the business world. We will be looking at business industry leaders and changes affecting the country. We will take a modern look at […]

Entertainment Live – ቀጥታ

We all want to know the news, changes and current updates of the entertainment world. There is only one location, one show you need to follow, with news and interviews form the world of films, music and entertainment; it is our responsibility to keep you informed. We will search the globe for news you will […]

J-Sports ጄ ስፖርት

A weekly sports program looking at local and international sports news. Football news covering domestic and European leagues. In addition to related and current sports new hosts discussed related news coverage of athletes live, sports tams and related pop culture news. We take a unique look at sports news, incorporating the athletes in action with […]

J- Talk Ethiopia – እንወያይ

J-Talk (Talk Ethiopia) is a daily program of politics, society and entertainment. A chat show about the everyday life of people in Ethiopia. Hosts discuss modern topics of entertainment, current affairs and relatable news topics. Each episode the four hosts take a different position on the topics of discussion. J-Talks unique approach to each discussion […]

Jossy in the House

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