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JTV-Ethiopia is a commercial private TV broadcasting based in Phoenix Arizona, USA. It is founded with a vision “to establish a high-quality, independent and efficient free-to air commercial broadcasting operation which reflects, debates and celebrates the life, interests, concerns and culture of its viewers”. We are new and unique alternative for the Ethiopian viewers that provide high quality entertaining and educational programs that fits the cultural, social and economic status.

Our mission is to encourage free exchange of information, knowledge, culture and wisdom. Our core values are driven by the desire to improve life and achieve operational excellence with highest degree of integrity. As part of our social responsibility in promoting positive social, environmental and personal change, we use our resources and facilities to create opportunities to disadvantaged, yet, talented individuals to unleash their potential as well as to draw attention to the needs of the less fortunate.

We are an ideal option to businesses to promote their products and services as our programs target a wide range of audiences across Ethiopia.


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Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Email: contact@jtvethiopia.com




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